Kelly Clarkson Covers Billie Eilish’s ‘What Was I Made For?’

During a recent episode of her long-running talk show, Kelly Clarkson continued her tradition of covering current hits with her band, My Band Y’all. This time, Clarkson chose to showcase her vocal prowess with a powerful rendition of Billie Eilish’s ‘What Was I Made For?’ from the ‘Barbie’ movie soundtrack.

As the studio lights dimmed, Clarkson’s soulful voice filled the air with the poignant lyrics of Eilish’s Oscar-winning song. The emotional depth in Clarkson’s delivery captured the essence of the track, touching on themes of self-discovery and purpose. Lines like “I used to float, now I just fall down / I used to know but I’m not sure now / What I was made for? / What was I made for?” echoed Clarkson’s ability to connect with the song’s introspective message.

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Following the performance, Clarkson’s fans flooded the YouTube comment section with praise for her interpretation of the song. Comments hailed Clarkson as the “Thanos of music covers,” referencing the powerful and iconic character from the Marvel Universe. Others lauded her as the “best vocalist alive right now,” highlighting her unmatched talent and vocal range.

Eilish’s song, featured in the Barbie movie, garnered critical acclaim and recognition, including winning the Oscar for ‘Best Original Song’ at the 2024 Academy Awards. The success of the track further solidified Eilish’s status as a prominent figure in the music industry.

Kelly Clarkson What Was I Made For?
Image Courtesy: People

Additionally, after the Oscars, Eilish received a unique gift at the Vanity Fair afterparty—a pink custom, Barbie-themed clock necklace from Flavor Flav, the legendary Public Enemy hype man and artist. 

This whimsical accessory, complete with Eilish’s name in the iconic Barbie font, added a touch of fun and nostalgia to the post-Oscars celebrations. Flavor Flav also sported a matching Barbie clock of his own, showcasing his playful and stylish side at the event.

-Sushmita Sarkar