Lynda Carter Praises Idea for ‘Wonder Woman 3’ With Gal Gadot: ‘It Was Wonderful’

Lynda Carter, renowned for her portrayal of Wonder Woman in the 1970s television series, recently discussed the potential for a third film in the franchise during an interview with a magazine. Carter expressed her admiration for the idea of continuing the Wonder Woman series with filmmaker Patty Jenkins and star Gal Gadot, acknowledging the enthusiasm among fans for such a project.

However, Carter also shared her insights into the decision-making process within DC Studios, noting that they may not pursue the third Wonder Woman film unless there is significant demand from fans. 

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She expressed her confusion over DC’s approach, particularly given the unique nature of the Wonder Woman character, emphasising Wonder Woman’s focus on peaceful resolutions and inner strength.

Carter hinted at a compelling story outline for ‘Wonder Woman 3,’ crafted by Jenkins and featuring Gadot in the lead role, describing it as “interesting, wonderful, and about something important.” She highlighted the character’s evolution under Gadot’s portrayal, noting the intentional approach in capturing Wonder Woman’s essence and values, similar to how she approached the character in the ’70s.

Wonder Woman 3
Image Courtesy: Yahoo Movies UK

Despite her excitement for the potential third film, Carter acknowledged the recent overhaul at DC Studios and their focus on rebooting the DC universe with projects like the upcoming Superman: Legacy movie.

This shift in priorities within the studio may have led to the delay or shelving of the ‘Wonder Woman 3’ project, much to Carter’s disappointment as she sees it as a valuable and successful franchise.

-Sushmita Sarkar