Martin Scorsese Believes Immersive Screenings Can Take Away From a Film’s Quality

Filmmaker Martin Scorsese has voiced his apprehensions regarding the growing trend of immersive and 3D screenings, suggesting that they could detract from the essence of a film. The Oscar-winning director pondered whether movies reliant on immersive formats, such as 4DX with its 3D visuals, moving seats and sensory effects like water and smoke, could stand on their own without these embellishments.

Scorsese questioned the essence of a film that relies on more than just its projection on a screen, pondering the impact of omitting elements like vibrating chairs or scents unique to the theatre experience. He mused, “Would it still be a film? There are major elements of it missing.”

Image Courtesy: Far Out Magazine

Despite having embraced 3D technology in his work, notably in 2011’s ‘Hugo,’ describing it as a “liberating” experience, Scorsese has since expressed doubts about the efficacy of films designed for 3D when viewed in conventional formats.

He remarked, “When you see films that were shot in 3D, but you see them flat – well there’s an entire arena of information that’s missing. And the flat versus the 3D films don’t necessarily work as well. And so it’s almost like they are not films any more.”

Image Courtesy: British GQ

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Scorsese’s reservations about contemporary cinema are not confined to its visual aspects. In 2019, he stirred controversy by likening Marvel movies to theme parks, igniting discussions about the artistic merits of blockbuster productions.