‘MaXXXine’ Trailer: See Mia Goth in The New Horror Sequel

A24 is back with a bang, wrapping up the X trilogy with its final instalment, ‘MaXXXine.’ The trilogy, which includes the films ‘X’ and ‘Pearl,’ has been a hit among fans, with Mia Goth starring in the lead role throughout.

The buzz around ‘MaXXXine’ is palpable, thanks to the positive reception of the previous films. The first trailer for ‘MaXXXine’ dropped in April 2024, and now the second trailer has just been released, heightening excitement even further. Directed by Ti West, this new teaser offers a deeper glimpse into the storyline.

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Set in mid-80s Los Angeles, ‘MaXXXine’ follows Goth’s character as she pursues her dream of becoming famous. The trailer kicks off with a behind-the-scenes look that evokes the eerie atmosphere of The Witch, another A24 horror classic. In this new film, Goth’s character is convinced she is being stalked, ominously declaring, “I’ve seen the devil stalking me.”

‘MaXXXine’ works in the adult film industry, gaining fame while desperately trying to avoid becoming the next victim of the serial killer known as the ‘Night Stalker’. There’s also a nod to the original ‘X’ film with a quick shot of a newspaper headline about the “Texas Pornstar Massacre.”

Image Courtesy: THR

The upcoming film boasts a stellar ensemble cast, including Kevin Bacon, Michelle Monaghan, Bobby Cannavale, Elizabeth Debicki, Moses Sumney, Lily Collins, Giancarlo Esposito, and Halsey. ‘MaXXXine’ will hit theatres on 5th July 2024.

The trilogy kicked off with ‘X,’ released in March 2022, which follows a group of adult film stars who head to a remote Texas farm to shoot their new film, only to find themselves hunted by a creepy elderly couple. In September 2022, the prequel Pearl was released, taking us back to post-World War I times. In this film, Pearl, also played by Goth, is a young woman with a burning desire for fame, willing to go to terrifying lengths to become a movie star.