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MCU ‘Fantastic Four’ Filming to Start at The End of July

A new report has just landed, giving us the lowdown on when we can expect ‘The Fantastic Four’ reboot to kick off its principal photography for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel Studios, now in possession of the character rights to Marvel’s First Family following Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox, is gearing up to introduce ‘The Fantastic Four’ into the MCU.

With new faces being added to the cast in recent weeks, the reboot is edging closer to hitting the cameras. The latest scoop from The Hollywood Reporter, amidst all the buzz about ‘The Mandalorian & Grogu,’ reveals that Pedro Pascal is slated to commence production on ‘The Fantastic Four’ by the end of July. While not officially confirmed, it’s speculated that parts of the film will be shot in none other than London, England.

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Image Courtesy: Reddit

The anticipation surrounding ‘The Fantastic Four”s arrival in The Multiverse Saga is palpable, especially considering the significant changes Marvel Studios has undergone in recent times. With Ralph Ineson joining the ranks as Galactus in ‘The Fantastic Four,’ it’s safe to assume there are more castings in the pipeline before the cameras start rolling.

Although originally earmarked to kick off Phase 6, ‘The Fantastic Four’ was initially slated for Phase 4, but the global COVID-19 pandemic threw a spanner in the works. From swapping directors, moving from Jon Watts to Matt Shakman, to getting the screenplay in order, it’s been a bit of a journey before they could lock in their cast. Given the filming hiccups faced by other MCU projects during Phases 4 and 5, the progress on ‘The Fantastic Four’ is a breath of fresh air.

Image Courtesy: Marvel

Here’s hoping that as ‘The Fantastic Four’ gears up, the rest of the Phase 6 movies and TV shows will follow suit, particularly as it serves as the culmination of The Multiverse Saga. Marvel’s First Family is likely poised to play pivotal roles in the MCU’s future, and we’re eager to see what else is in store, including more castings and characters.

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