Meghan Markle is Being Criticised For Her Manners at The Nigeria Tour, But Why?

Experts have been closely examining Meghan Markle’s conduct during her visit to Nigeria, particularly focusing on her etiquette. Royal scholar and commentator Angela Levin raised questions about the Duchess of Sussex’s behaviour, expressing doubts about her actions. In a recent interview with GB News, Levin shared her opinions on various aspects of Markle’s activities and public demeanour.

Levin’s comments have sparked discussions and analysis of Markle’s behaviour and mannerisms, contributing to the ongoing scrutiny of her public image. Levin’s remarks underline the meticulous examination of Markle’s actions, even while she is abroad. Commentators and experts continue to assess Markle’s behaviour as she navigates her role in the public eye.

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Meghan Markle Nigeria Tour
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Levin criticised Meghan Markle for her behaviour and clothing choices during a school visit in Nigeria, igniting controversy over her actions. Levin argued that Markle’s attire was inappropriate for the occasion, particularly given the tranquil and devout atmosphere of the school. Additionally, Levin accused Markle of being impolite, noting her apparent disinterest while a teacher was speaking to her, despite the courteous engagement of the two girls.

Levin suggested that Markle seemed bored and detached, implying her lack of interest in the proceedings. Drawing from this observation, Levin speculated that Markle may have disengaged from the conversation due to boredom.

Meghan Markle Nigeria Tour
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Following Levin’s remarks, further discussion ensued regarding Markle’s conduct and public image. Some questioned the validity of the criticisms, while others pondered the potential impact on Markle’s reputation. Ultimately, speculation and dialogue centred on Markle’s conduct during the school visit to Nigeria, shedding light on the challenges of managing public engagements and maintaining a positive public image amidst criticism.

Recently, Meghan Markle expressed her gratitude to Nigeria in a heartfelt note left in a visitor’s book, as reported by People magazine. Accompanied by Prince Harry, the Duchess acknowledged Nigeria as “home” in the visitor’s book located at the Defence Headquarters in Abuja.

Meghan Markle Nigeria Tour
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The note read, “With gratitude for the support of the Invictus community. And for welcoming me home.” The entry was made on Friday, May 10, during their visit to Nigeria. Prince Harry also contributed to the visitor’s book, expressing appreciation for the warm reception: “Thank you for welcoming us to your beautiful country, together we will heal our troops,” his message read.