Nicolas Cage is “Terrified” of AI Stealing His Body

Nicolas Cage has joined the growing number of celebrities speaking out against the recent surge in artificial intelligence technology. The actor, who will soon appear in the film ‘Longlegs,’ has expressed fears that AI might one day steal his body.

In a recent interview, Cage shared his apprehensions about the use of AI in movies, calling it abnormal. The topic of artificial intelligence has become a hot issue, not just in the film industry but globally. As more people protest against it, many Hollywood stars have also voiced their concerns. Nicolas Cage is one of the latest to open up about his fears regarding this advanced technology.

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Nicolas Cage AI
Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, the ‘Ghost Rider’ actor recalled a moment during the production of a film when a digital scan of him was created. According to Cage, it replicated his eye colour while altering other physical features. Expressing his concern, Cage stated, “I don’t know. They’re just going to steal my body and do whatever they want with it via digital AI… God, I hope not AI. I’m terrified of that. I’ve been very vocal about it.”

He went on to talk about how artists are suffering because of AI and warned that others might face the same fate. The ‘Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent’ actor questioned whether artists will be replaced by AI and wondered where the human touch will be in this new technology. Cage also made it clear that he doesn’t want anything to be done with his replicated body and face after his death.

Nicolas Cage AI
Image Courtesy: THR

This isn’t the first time Nicolas Cage has spoken out against AI. In a previous interview with Yahoo! Entertainment, he described the rapid growth of technology as “inhumane.” Cage isn’t alone in his concerns; Emily Blunt has also been outspoken about AI advancements.

In May, the ‘Oppenheimer’ actress mentioned that everyone is nervous about AI. While acknowledging that humans have created extraordinary technology, she added that it’s not always necessary to embrace it. AI technology has been a significant factor behind the prolonged strikes held last year by writers and actors. These strikes halted many Hollywood projects for an extended period.