Original ‘Narnia’ Movie Star Discusses Possible Return in Greta Gerwig’s Remake

William Moseley, known for his role in ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ movies, has expressed interest in potentially reprising his role in Greta Gerwig’s upcoming Netflix adaptation of the beloved fantasy series by C.S. Lewis. Having portrayed Peter Pevensie in the theatrical films based on the books, Moseley discussed the possibility of returning for Gerwig’s reboot in an interview with Screen Rant.

While Moseley acknowledged the finality of his character’s arc in “Prince Caspian,” he remains open to revisiting the franchise if given the opportunity. He reflected on the symbolic significance of his character’s departure in the series, suggesting that any return would require a fresh approach or a different role within the ‘Narnia’ universe.

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Narnia Remake
Image Courtesy: People

Although the original cast, including Moseley, has aged since their last appearances, there is speculation about potential cameo roles or new characters they could portray in the Netflix adaptation. 

As fans anticipate Gerwig’s take on ‘The Chronicles of Narnia,’ Moseley’s comments hint at the possibility of familiar faces making appearances, adding to the excitement surrounding the upcoming series on the streaming platform.

–Farheen Ali