Patrick J. Adams Says The ‘Suits’ Creator and Cast Are Interested in a Movie

The series’ lead actor Patrick J. Adams, who played Michael Ross in the series ‘Suits’ answered a fan’s query about whether there was interest in creating a reunion feature while attending the ‘Suits’ reunion panel at the ATX TV Festival, according to a Variety article.

Adams disclosed that series creator Aaron Korsh is indeed interested in a future movie, despite Korsh’s inability to attend due to his current work on a spin-off series ‘Suits L.A.’ “Trying to reunite the band is clearly something he’s interested in doing. Thus, if anything is conceivable, it depends on a million factors, but is it really? “I believe it is feasible,” he remarked.

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Suits Movie
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Subsequently, Adams indicated his interest in starring in a movie, and fellow cast member Dulé Hill also conveyed his desire to play the same part.

In production right now is ‘Suits L.A.,’ which will feature new characters in a brand-new environment. ‘Suits L.A.,’ in contrast to many other shows that are now receiving prequel or sequel series, will be a completely new narrative set in the Suits universe. Whether any characters from the original ‘Suits’ series will make an appearance in the planned spin-off is still up in the air.

Suits Movie
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When asked if he would consider a ‘Suits’ revival “if someone reached out and the cast was into it,” Korsh said in August of last year to The Hollywood Reporter, but only “if I could come up with something that excited me.” However, it wouldn’t be a continuation of Suits if I could wave a magic wand and have another show on the air.

The television series ‘Suits,’ which ran from 2011 to 2019, chronicled the adventures of actors Adams and Macht as they worked at a fictitious corporate law firm in New York City.