Producers Confirm ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Franchise Reboot: Here’s What You Need to Know

Officially, the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise is being rebooted, according to the producers. Famous for creating blockbusters like ‘Top Gun’, ‘Bad Boys,’ and ‘Beverly Hills Cops’, Jerry Bruckheimer has revealed that the next movie will not have Johnny Depp in it and will instead have a new cast and plot. 

According to reports, Craig Mazin—best known for his work on ‘The Last of Us’—will write the screenplay. He revealed that early concepts were rejected. Many ideas about the future of the franchise have been circulating since the release of ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’ in 2017. 

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'Pirates of the Caribbean Reboot
Image Courtesy: IGN

These ideas include a new story featuring Margot Robbie and a continuation of the 2017 film. But Bruckheimer’s disclosure points away from these ideas and points the series in a new direction.

During an interview, Bruckheimer discussed the difficulties and unknowns involved in putting together a cast and contrasted that with the simplicity of rebooting Pirates of the Caribbean without requiring specific actors. Mazin went into more detail about the journey the script took—from early mistrust to eventual acceptance, if a little later than expected because of unanticipated events.

'Pirates of the Caribbean Reboot
Image Courtesy: People

While everyone is anticipating the return of the franchise, fans are speculating about Johnny Depp’s possible role. After winning his lawsuit against Amber Heard and declaring his intention to work with Disney once more, questions remain about his resurrecting the beloved character. 

A source close to Depp indicated that he would be open to considering the script’s appeal, while Bruckheimer praised Depp’s talent and character.

– Farheen Ali