Sabrina Carpenter Celebrates 25th With DiCaprio Cake

In a heartwarming celebration, Sabrina Carpenter, the talented ‘Espresso’ singer, found herself surrounded by the affection of loved ones as her boyfriend, the renowned actor Barry Keoghan, orchestrated an unforgettable birthday bash. Held at the prestigious DUMBO House in Brooklyn, the intimate gathering brought together approximately 100 of Carpenter’s cherished friends, including the rising rap star Ice Spice.

The event space was meticulously adorned with a vibrant array of blue, yellow, and white balloons, creating a festive ambience that perfectly complemented the joyous occasion. Guests were treated to a sumptuous array of culinary delights, carefully curated to tantalise their taste buds. 

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Sabrina Carpenter DiCaprio Cake
Image Courtesy: LOS40

Furthermore, a custom drink menu was thoughtfully designed, featuring a selection of beverages, undoubtedly including the ever-popular espresso martini, a nod to Carpenter’s chart-topping single ‘Espresso’.

Among the many highlights of the evening was a captivating cake that quickly captured the attention of eagle-eyed fans on social media. The confection featured a playful depiction of one of Keoghan’s selfies, cleverly edited to resemble a Snapchat message, accompanied by a caption that humorously referenced a recurring joke about the actor’s personal life.

The celebration extended beyond the physical gathering, as Carpenter took to Instagram to share a heartwarming collection of childhood photographs, eliciting warm birthday wishes from a constellation of stars, including her beloved boyfriend Keoghan and fellow luminaries such as Chloe Bailey and Danielle Fishel.

This milestone event not only marked Carpenter’s birthday but also symbolised the couple’s first joint celebration since publicly acknowledging their romantic relationship earlier in the year. Their bond has been evident through various high-profile appearances, including gracing the iconic Met Gala stairs and Keoghan’s unwavering support for Carpenter during her electrifying Coachella performance.

-Sushmita Sarkar