‘Squid Game’ Challenge: Unveiling The $4.56 Million Winner And Season 1 Evaluation

In the last episode of the competition series inspired by the highly popular Korean thriller, ‘Squid Game,’ the final 3 contestants Mai, Phill, and Sam dressed in tuxedos and were taken to an extravagant feast, frequently described as such. During this event, they had the chance to learn more about each other.

Squid Game
Image Courtesy: People

After enjoying a lavish feast and not forgetting about dessert the trio encountered the first challenge of the episode. They were presented with a table containing square, round and triangle buttons. Pressing the first button and seeing a green light meant the player could move forward and select a companion. A red light signified elimination for that player. If the button turned grey, it resulted in a neutral outcome.

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Image Courtesy: The Direct

In the following round, Mai chose scissors, defeating Phill’s paper. She then selected the key that unlocked the safe, granting her an ATM card loaded with $4.56 million. Let’s hope she changed the PIN code 0287 we witnessed her use to check her balance in a brief update that caught up with several players in their real lives!

-Sushmita Sarkar