Tate McRae And The Kid LAROI Are Instagram Official!: “You Make Me Better”

After months of swirling romance rumours and numerous public appearances together, The Kid LAROI, the Australian rapper and singer, took to Instagram to mark a special occasion: Tate McRae’s 21st birthday. “happy 21st birthday 🥲❤️,” LAROI expressed in his heartfelt Instagram Story dedicated to McRae. “you make me better! I love yoooouuu @tatemcrae.”

Accompanying his celebratory message was a tender photograph capturing a moment of intimacy between the two. In the image, LAROI, sporting a bandana and a crisp white button-down shirt, affectionately held McRae by the neck as they shared a kiss. McRae, stylishly clad in a blue dress shirt and chic pushed-back sunglasses, reciprocates the gesture.

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Tate McRae Kid LAROI
Image Courtesy: People

Shortly after LAROI shared the photo, McRae reposted it on her own Instagram Story. This public display marks a significant milestone as the duo’s first official confirmation of their relationship on social media. Their Instagram debut comes nearly seven months after fans speculated about their relationship, initially sparked by McRae wearing a shirt believed to belong to LAROI. It also follows LAROI’s mention of his girlfriend” attending a Dublin show two months prior, where McRae was in attendance.

During their courtship, the couple has enjoyed various outings, including dinners in Los Angeles, bonding time at the 2024 NHL All-Star Game in Toronto, and attending the Fanatics Super Bowl LVIII party alongside the Biebers. McRae has also expressed admiration for LAROI in interviews, hinting at a possible collaboration. At the iHeartRadio Music Awards in April, she coyly responded to Billboard about a potential song with LAROI, saying, “I don’t know. Yeah, maybe. He’s amazing.”

Tate McRae Kid LAROI
Image Courtesy: People

Meanwhile, LAROI has opened up about personal connections, including his close bond with his brother Austin Howard, a producer who collaborated with him on his debut album, The First Time. Reflecting on their creative partnership in a February interview LAROI praised Howard’s talent and their shared passion for music, highlighting their mutual support and artistic synergy.

“It’s been cool that we can do that,” LAROI remarked warmly. “I’m just really proud of him. It’s crazy to watch him. I’m a very honest person, especially when it comes to people in my family. I would tell him if I felt like he sucked, but he doesn’t. He’s incredible. It’s so cool to see him passionate about something.” The public acknowledgement of their relationship on Instagram underscores a new chapter for Tate McRae and The Kid LAROI, as they navigate fame, music, and their growing bond in the spotlight.

-Sushmita Sarkar