Taylor Swift’s Father Won’t Be Charged for Alleged Assault on Photographer

Allegations have surfaced against Taylor Swift’s father, accusing him of assaulting a paparazzi in Sydney, Australia. The incident reportedly occurred amidst the bustling activities of the 34-year-old Swift’s sold-out tour. 

But has the Australian police decided to drop the charges? Yes, recent confirmation from authorities indicates that no further investigation will be pursued regarding the alleged scuffle involving Scott Swift and a photographer. 

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Taylor Swift Father
Image Courtesy: Entertainment Weekly

The purported altercation took place on 27th February 2024, as the ‘Midnights’ singer concluded her Australian leg of the tour and headed to a yacht party with her 71-year-old father. 

It’s claimed that Scott Swift clashed with Ben McDonald, a 51-year-old paparazzi, who alleged he was assaulted. Despite McDonald’s desire for an apology from Scott to resolve the issue, the New South Wales Police Department opted to close the case without one. According to MailOnline, authorities stated that the alleged victim didn’t require medical attention, despite McDonald mentioning discomfort on the left side of his face. 

Taylor Swift Father
Image Courtesy: Billboard

In an interview, McDonald speculated that Scott acted in defence of his daughter, expressing astonishment at the incident. However, Taylor Swift’s representative countered, stating that the singer was faced with aggressive behaviour from individuals who threatened her security team. 

McDonald maintains that Scott approached him aggressively, with partial video evidence supporting his claim. Nevertheless, with no charges substantiated, the matter has now been resolved.

– Farheen Ali