‘The Acolyte’: Fans Are Not Happy With The Trailer, Fans Say it Looks “Cheap”

The first trailer for the ‘Star Wars’ spin-off series, ‘The Acolyte,’ has hit the screens, sparking a flurry of reactions from fans across social media platforms. Starring Amandla Stenburg and Lee Jung-Jae, the show takes viewers approximately 100 years back before the events of the ‘Star Wars’ prequel series, beginning with ‘The Phantom Menace.’

The action-packed trailer, unveiled earlier this week, offers a glimpse into the new characters and unfolding events, hinting at a looming threat to the Jedi community. Despite the anticipation, some fans appear disappointed with the trailer’s quality, expressing their thoughts on X/Twitter.

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Many have remarked that the trailer makes the show look “cheap”, with one user questioning why this seems to be a recurring issue with franchise products. Another pointed out the franchise’s substantial budgets, contrasting ‘The Acolyte’ with the recent Disney+ drama ‘Shōgun,’ which they felt looked more impressive despite using similar technology.

Criticism has also been directed at the characters showcased in the trailer, particularly the absence of aliens. One user mentioned, “Looks alright, but there really should be more aliens. I know they’re trying to cut costs but this feels like it takes place on Earth somewhere…”

The Acolyte Trailer
Image Courtesy: IMDb

Nevertheless, amidst the critiques, there are positive responses too, with many users hailing the trailer as “cool”. Some expressed their excitement, saying, “This is the type of show I’ve been waiting for since Disney bought ‘Star Wars'”, while another exclaimed, “The Force is strong with this one, can’t wait to see more!”

‘The Acolyte”s title was revealed in December after filming concluded in June. Created by Leslye Headland, co-creator of the Netflix series ‘Russian Doll,’ the eight-episode series is scheduled to premiere on Disney+ on 4th June.