Uncle Luke Opens Up on Why He Always Made Early Exits From Sean Diddy Combs’ Parties

Uncle Luke, who was known for going out to parties, thought Sean Diddy Combs’ parties were too much. According to reports, the ‘It’s Your Birthday’ singer acknowledged that she frequently left Diddy’s parties early to avoid the growing tension. 

Amidst allegations of a s*x trafficking operation against the ‘Coming Home’ singer, several rappers have shared personal experiences from Diddy’s events. The legend of 2Live Crew appeared on the We In Miami podcast, sharing stories about his interactions with the owner of Bad Boy Records. Luke said, “I would go to the party and leave early.” “I apologize. I wasn’t trying to find out what happens after hours, but I don’t know. I am aware of my position.

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Uncle Luke Sean Diddy Combs
Image Courtesy: People

The ‘Me So Horny’ rapper allegedly disclosed during the conversation that he declined French Montana’s ‘Pop That’ music video offer because it resembled his song ‘I Wanna Rock.’

 Luke said he was uncomfortable with Diddy’s supposed “puff parties,” mentioning specific incidents that unnerved him. Notably, Fif and Cent were among the rappers who had previously made remarks regarding the character of Diddy’s parties.

Uncle Luke Sean Diddy Combs
Image Courtesy: People

Before Diddy was accused of everything from sex trafficking to sexual assault, Cent made fun of a widely shared photo from one of his events, emphasizing the awkwardness of the interactions that were documented.

The seriousness of the charges, which come after claims against Diddy and Cent, including searches of Diddy’s home during a sex trafficking probe, highlights the continued scrutiny surrounding both celebrities, even despite denials from Diddy or his agents.

– Farheen Ali