Will Smith Says He Almost Adopted The ‘I Am Legend’ Dog

Will Smith recently shared some delightful stories about his furry co-star, Abbey, a German shepherd who played a crucial role in the 2007 action thriller ‘I Am Legend.’ Appearing on the latest episode of ‘Hot Ones,’ Smith couldn’t stop praising Abbey’s exceptional performance, likening her to a “brilliant actress.”

Smith, who played Dr. Robert Neville, the lone survivor in a post-apocalyptic Manhattan, was thoroughly impressed with Abbey’s acting skills. He fondly recalled how well-trained she was, to the point where it seemed like she could understand English. Smith joked, “It was like Abbey spoke English. You could say, ‘Hey, Abbey, did you see where I left my phone?’ and she’d bark and point to it. It was as if she literally understood you.”

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Will Smith I Am Legend Dog
Image Courtesy: British GQ

Despite their on-screen chemistry and Smith’s affection for Abbey, he revealed he couldn’t adopt her. “Abbey was the breadwinner of her family,” he quipped, highlighting that she wasn’t available for adoption.

One particular scene that stood out to Smith was when Abbey had to play dead. He marvelled at her ability to go completely limp on command. “It was amazing to watch. During the scene where I had to choke her out, she just laid there, perfectly still. Her trainer would say, ‘Abbey, die!’ and she’d go limp. It was like working with a brilliant actress.”