Zayn Malik Opts For Simplicity In “Nobody Is Listening”

Zayn Malik wooed us with his previous hits like ‘Pillowtalk’, ‘Dusk till dawn’, and ‘Still got time’, over the years. Now he is back with his third studio album “Nobody is Listening”, a full-length studio album with a total of 11 songs. Toning down on the RnB genre, however, still aiming to make you move.

“Nobody is Listening” is preceded by his second album “Icarus falls”, released in 2018. The album was a critical success but a commercial failure. 

Simplicity Is Best!

Zayn Malik started his career as a solo artist almost five years ago. He is the 135th most listened to artist on Spotify. His third album “Nobody is Listening” is a short one, with 35 minutes duration and 11 tracks. It is a big change from his previous album “Icarus Falls” which had 27 songs and a much more glamorous, and fast-paced energy. 

Zayn Malik released two singles before he released the album; ‘Better’ and ‘Vibez’. This album is supposed to be under the full reign of the ex-One Direction member, in hopes of making the music he has always wanted to. Malik described the album as his “most personal project to date” in an interview with a famous magazine. 

The new album distinguishes itself with its mellow, laid-back journey through smooth beats and groovy relaxing melodies. The songs bring out the best of Zayn’s qualities while still catering to his vocal abilities. The album moves away from the generic pop feel of “Icarus Falls” immersing us fully in the new and complete ‘Zayn’ sound.

11 Ways To Tell A Story

The first track of the album is ‘Calamity’, a surprising yet familiar track. Zayn Malik raps over a minimal, fluid beat for this song as well as for ‘Windowsill’, featuring rapper Devlin. “Nobody is Listening” is definitely a step up from Zayn’s previous studio album, with its interesting guitar phrases, plenty of reverb and echoing synthesizers, and remixed R&B beats.

This album provides us with a snapshot of the sound Zayn Malik has been trying to achieve since his debut album “Mind of Mine”. The cherry on top is ‘Tightrope’ which is inspired by Mohammad Rafi’s ‘Chaudvin Ka Chand’, a tribute to his Pakistani heritage.

By: Aatira Kakroo