What’s Up With The Final Two ‘Haikyuu!!’ Movies?

For three long years, ‘Haikyuu!!’ fans have been on edge, craving news about a potential season 5. The official ‘Haikyuu!!’ Twitter account finally announced a two-part film that will wrap up the remaining chapters of the cherished volleyball manga.

Initially, there was confusion, as whispers of a new season surfaced alongside the ‘Haikyuu!! Final’ movies, but the account swiftly clarified the scenario.

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The announcement stirred a cocktail of emotions among fans. On one side of the court, excitement rippled through those thrilled at the prospect of an animated film bringing their beloved sports series to life. On the other side of the net, frustration spiked among fans wary of condensing over 100 chapters of ‘Haikyuu!!’ into just two movies. Can such a mammoth task be aced?

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Since Shoyo Hinata first laid eyes on the flying prowess of the Little Giant on TV, his life took a definitive dive into the world of volleyball. His middle school rival, the genius setter Tobio Kageyama, earned the moniker ‘King of the Court.’ Their destinies collided again at Karasuno High School, this time as teammates. Together, they became the freak duo.

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Season 1’s defeat pushed Karasuno to evolve, culminating in a victorious clash with Aoba Johsai in the semifinals and a triumphant showdown against Shiratorizawa in the finals, earning them a ticket to Nationals. Season 4 brought a fierce battle against the formidable Inarizaki team, where Hinata and Kageyama faced the challenge of the Miya twins.

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Following the triumph over Inarizaki, the stage was set for the legendary ‘Battle at the Garbage Dump’ against Nekoma. Karasuno’s aggressive offence clashed with Nekoma’s unyielding resilience, a rivalry that reached its climax. The journey continued to the Nationals, but disaster struck, marking the end of their first Nationals.

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Post-graduation, the players scattered. Some abandoned volleyball, while others, like Kageyama, ventured into the professional realm. Hinata, however, took a detour to Brazil, diving into beach volleyball to elevate his skills. Upon his return, a showdown between his team and Kageyama’s unfolded, reaching epic proportions. The Tokyo Olympics and the FIVB Volleyball Men’s Club World Championship marked the manga’s final chapters, leaving fans hungry for more.

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The decision to go the movie route for ‘Haikyuu!!’ may stem from budget constraints, considering Season 4 faced pandemic-related setbacks. Successful anime movies like ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ and ‘Demon Slayer’ set a precedent, potentially influencing this choice.

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While the animation team has had ample time, cramming around 110 chapters and five arcs into two movies raises eyebrows. Each film, around two hours long, can only cover a fraction of a regular anime season. The first movie, titled ‘Gekijoban Haikyu!! Gomi Suteba no Kessen,’ releases on February 16, 2024, focusing on the ‘Battle at the Garbage Dump.’ The second remains untitled.

As fans count down to the first movie, slated for 2024, the anticipation for the second film and its global digital release builds. ‘Haikyuu!!’ might be wrapping up, but its legacy, both on and off the court, is set to continue for years to come.