20 A-Listers Making A Difference in Times of COVID-19

As we try to make it through the days with our heads held high, there’s no denying that we all need some help; some of us more than others. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread and take a toll on people, there are several musicians out there doing their bit. From providing masks and protective gear to capital funds and even essential supplies like food, the music community has come together to provide resources to those in need like never before. 

Here are 20 artists who have made massive contributions towards COVID-19 relief. 

  1. Beyonce –

2. Taylor Swift –

3. Lady Gaga –

4. Rihanna –

5. Future –

6. Halsey-

7. Madonna-

8. Shawn Mendes-

9. Cardi B-

10. Suga from BTS-

11. Troye Sivan-

12. P!nk-

13. Katy Perry-

14. Eminem-

15. Lizzo-

16. Twenty One Pilots-

17. My Chemical Romance-

18. Elton John-

19. Miley Cyrus-

20. Selena Gomez-